The District of Taylor has implemented Stage 1 water restrictions.

There is a fire ban on campfires, class 2, and class 3 fires issued for the District of Taylor’s jurisdiction, including Peace Island Park.

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Over the last year the PRRD has been working to update its Regional Solid Waste Management Plan (RSWMP). The Ministry of Environment requires all regional districts in British Columbia to have a plan for how solid waste in their region will be managed and reduced.
Dealing with solid waste effectively is extremely challenging in northern British Columbia due to transportation costs, lack of markets for recycled items and waste products, and incidences of illegal dumping.

The RSWMP helps us manage solid waste in the safest and most cost-effective way possible.
The PPRD is at the point in the process where they are going out for public consultation on the draft plan that has been developed.

With your help and input, the PRRD can create a strong solid waste management plan that addresses emerging local issues and sets out waste reduction goals for the next 15 years.
The survey can be found here:…